The Influential Bunnies of My Life


The Influential Bunnies of My Life

Happy Easter everyone! Today I wanted to just give a shout out to all the bunnies that influenced my life. All throughout my life, I had a great affinity for bunnies. I loved how bunnies look like and for the unknown life of me, I implemented it almost throughout my childhood with great influences of media. During my AOL days, I went by the screen name of AzNBuNnY85 (yes this was a little embarassing going into high school/college so it eventually changed into FinalHeaven415) and used an animated gif of Pocchaco’s friend/pet bunny rabbit. Below in chronological order are the most influential bunnies of my life:

Usagi Yojimbo
Usagi Yojimbo was the badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ally that taught me the ways of the samurai and the meaning of usagi being rabbit in Japanese. Every time TMNT would show, I would anxiously await for his arrival as he was the second favorite character for me in the show, the first being Leonardo. I used to also have a toy figure of this guy and one of his comic books, but both are long gone.

Pocchaco’s Bunny
This bunny was a staple to my AIM career sitting as my icon for the majority of my AOL/AIM life. To me it symbolized how much milk I used to drink and played off my nickname, Bunny.

Buster Bunny
Buster Bunny was my middle school hero. I would learn things about dating, hitting on girls, and daily school life from him. I loved Tiny Toons and Buster Bunny had a big influence on my life.

Filler Bunny
This was my emo phase of my life. I was single, in college and still loved bunnies. Filly Bunny’s comics were dope and I just loved his goofy face.

Mashimaro was the craze during my college years. His drinking, smoking, and attitude transferred to me in a minor moment of my life. I did have a stuffed animal of this guy… don’t judge the ladies loved it.

Playboy Bunny
Quickly after my college years, I started adopting the Playboy bunny logo into my life. I even rocked a Playboy Bunny earring for a good time in my life until I anchored down.

Kidrobot Dunny
I collected Kidrobot Dunny toys for a good moment of my unemployed life. It was a good source of income and I always loved bunnies. Yoyamart’s Dunny pictured above was one of my favorites and I still display it at my home today.

Cony entered my life after my first trip to Japan back in 2012. I saw her in various places and also downloaded LINE for the first time. The stickers are hilarious and I even shamefully have Cony as my cell phone case right now. I think her face just cracks me up.

My Pet Bunny (RIP)
I had a pet bunny in my life and it was given as a gift from a friend. I really liked him, a grey dwarf eared bunny with a white collar and feet. Unfortunately all my pictures of him were lost both digital and printed version.

Well those are my influential bunnies. What are your favorite bunnies in your life?

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  • Marshall
    Apr 6, 2015 @ 14:07 pm

    No Bugs Bunny? THE granddaddy of all cartoon rabbits? No Roger Rabbit? There was even a dance named after him! lol No sarcastic Happy Bunny (the stickers with the smiling rabbit that said stuff like “I hate you so bad” No Thumper? He was there even after Bambi’s daddy got capped! Oh and let’s not forget the OG literary rabbit… the Velveteen Rabbit!

    I had both a rabbit pet and a rabbit’s foot… was that wrong? Got way more enjoyment out of the foot… the live rabbit just ran all over pooping identical pellets everywhere. Speaking of which, I always thought it weird that the rabbit food pellets and rabbit poop pellets were so similar. Is it cause they eat poop like dogs do sometimes?

    • Apr 6, 2015 @ 15:12 pm

      They didn’t impact me as much as the others above… actually Thumper had a some effect on my life… I received a stuffed Thumper from a lady once. :D


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