Street Fighter V Reveal Trailer


Street Fighter V Reveal Trailer

Quite an eventful weekend for the fighting game community. Specifically, the Street Fighter community. The Capcom Pro Tour has reached its final destination for the 2014 Capcom Cup here in San Francisco at the Warfield Theatre last Saturday. The top 16 fighters of the tour battled it out on Ultra Street Fighter 4 for a chance to win $30,000. Players like Justin Wong, Fuudo, Momochi and of course, Daigo were able to provide a day of great competition and entertainment by displaying their quick reflexes, agile hands, and tactical prowess. But the results of the tournament was arguably the lesser of big news at the event.

As you might have heard, Sony had revealed earlier in the month at their Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas of a new iteration of their flagship title, Street Fighter V (5). The teaser only provided snippets and stills of Ryu and Chun Li duking it out in what looks like to be a Hong Kong stage for Chun Li. The game would be released exclusively for PS4 and PC.

Well, after the winner of the Capcom Pro Tour Finals was crowned, another surprise lay in wait for crowd, and eventually everyone for the world to see. Capcom had released another trailer, this time actual gameplay footage, and one very cool reveal at the end. Note the theme music being used and if you’re a fan of the series, one should know who is going to be included in the upcoming game. But if you’re unsure, I’ll leave a comment for this post to see if anyone wants to read the spoiler. Check out the clip at the top! More news will be updated in subsequent posts as they trickle in.

UPDATE 12/15/2014: Fixed the embedded Youtube clip where the last one was the reveal clip but not with the surprise. It is now the correct one.

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  • Dec 14, 2014 @ 21:33 pm

    Nice! I wish I could have gone. My co-workers and I am sure DREAMPIECE’s own Pierre went as well.


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