Street Fighter V – Live Gameplay


Street Fighter V – Live Gameplay

Here is more content from last Saturday’s Capcom Pro Tour Finals in San Francisco. After the new trailer reveal with the Charlie teaser (see last post for video clip), Capcom’s one and only Yoshinori Ono was able to give further details about what to expect for their upcoming titular fighting game. He also announced the raising of stakes for the next Capcom Pro Tour by stating that the grand prize pool will be over $500,000…guaranteed! That’s one way for me to grab my MvC3 fight stick out of the closet try to revitalize my (very short) fighting game career!

Afterwards, Capcom’s own Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Twitch’s Mike Ross took the main stage to provide the crowd with a live gameplay demonstration of the next-gen fighting game. For those who haven’t heard these two names, Combofiend and Ross are highly involved in the fighting game community, let alone legendary Street Fighter players. So not only were we able to check out some the old and new features to the game but also get firsthand knowledge of the game’s combat system. Check out the clip at the top and tell me what you think. Me? I’m looking forward to being able to knock friends and family into a bowl of noodles. If you’re reading this, get ready Dar!

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  • Dec 17, 2014 @ 20:42 pm

    That was awesome. I am pretty excited about it even though I suck normally at Street Fighter. What is pretty interesting is that they kept the style from IV. Generally with new numerical versions a whole new revamp of the design takes place. They even kept the splash ink marks on moves from IV which is interesting as well. Any spoilers on who the new characters may be?


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