Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Trailer


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Trailer

Star Wars fans rejoice! The Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailer is out! Short but sweet, now we have to wait a year for the movie… I am glad they kept the similar form for Storm Troopers, X-Wing, and the Falcon… I was never a fan of the Clone Troopers. Here’s hoping there is no Jar Jar Binks.


You can watch the trailer above or click here to go through Apple. What do you guys think?


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  • Marshall
    Dec 1, 2014 @ 14:18 pm


    This teaser is such a tease… soooooo short!
    You can already tell the style and feel of the movie is gonna be unlike any Star Wars before it. Most importantly no traces of Episodes 1-3 so far! I agree that the storm troopers all being clones thing was bs cause the troopers in 4-6 were all different dudes in the same uniform like the military. X-Wings, the falcon and trooper action = hell yes. The soccer ball droid was cool… I like the innovation and hope there’s a lot of “new” stuff like that. It’s a fine line tho because the lightsaber that has the 2 smaller beams to make it look like a hilt is almost crossing the line for me. Single blade, double blade darth maul style makes sense. But why have 2 blades out the side like that besides for aesthetic purposes? My first thought was man, that’s a good way to lose a finger or accidentally gut yourself. lol

  • Marshall
    Dec 1, 2014 @ 14:27 pm

    Something to do while waiting for the release next year… If you haven’t watched these or haven’t watched them in awhile, check out these hilarious reviews of SW Episodes 1-3:

  • Roophio
    Dec 9, 2014 @ 20:29 pm

    I’m pessimistic about the new movie.

    Firstly on a digression, has anyone made sense of the whole Luke in love with sister thing?

    Second, my opinion of the trailer is that it looks like a M. Night Shamalakalalan bad remake.

    Third, Disney owns this now, correct?

    But maybe the story is good…. Good enough to justify all the poops? We’ll need to wait and see…

    • Dec 9, 2014 @ 21:27 pm

      Luke liked Leia until he found out she was his sister lol… Han has the mad jock and if they go through with the books… Leia has Han’s baby in Jaina Solo… unless that is Luke’s baby and then all hell breaks loose.

      Correct Disney owns Star Wars, but the person working on this film is good so I think we will be fine. Regardless crappy or good it will make $$$.

    • Marshall
      Dec 11, 2014 @ 16:03 pm

      You are right to be pessimistic. We have battered wife syndrome after Episodes I-III. We kept coming back and Lucas kept beating us with our own wallets. Why I have hope: NO LUCAS. Your M. Night Shalamanlaman reference is perfect because I think he and Lucas are neck and neck for most overrated writer/directors of all time. I also have faith in JJ to do a good job after he resurrected Star Trek.

      And yeah no accidental incest… it’s Han’s kid. :)


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