Roll Call to Destiny


Roll Call to Destiny

The anticipated hype for Destiny is starting to snowball at least with my circle of friends and coworkers. I found the book Roll Call to Destiny to be a fitting image for this post. To prepare the DREAMPIECE members for this monumental event, I decided to make a roll call post to get everyone’s PSN/Xbox Live gamertags. For those who have yet to pre-order and own a PS4 or Xbox One, please make sure you do so ASAP before the pre-order bonuses expire. You can get it from Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and other retailers.

Get Your Portable ID!

Please feel free to comment and leave your PSN or Xbox Live gamertag in the comment below so we can get organized play this week. Mine is Dreampiece on PSN as shown in the above Portable ID.

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