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Random Post

Hey Everyone,

It has been quite some while since I updated last. I decided to write something on my birthday just cause… I played many games for brief moments and I wanted to share just a few of what has been going on the past few days since my last post.


  • Wakfu – This is a strange tactics based MMORPG for PC. It encompasses most of what I have been looking for in a MMORPG except the inability to play with friends due to level gap disparity. It has a government system, open pvp, auction houses, bazaar, housing both guild and player, and lastly lots and lots of gear! This game is near perfect and checks most of my boxes of what I would like, but still misses the mark unfortunately due to bugs.
  • Tree of Savior – Ragnarok Online’s potential successor. From what I can tell it pretty much is like Ragnarok Online except a bit more annoying in the instanced boss department. The linear storyline and path is a huge let down from what I expected. I truly think a MMORPG should not be a single player game made with multiple players on a server. I cannot wait for the day a true MMORPG comes around and sweeps me off my feet. However, Tree of Savior Beta is actually better than Ragnarok Online’s Beta… so that gives me some hope.
  • Blade & Soul – Beautiful game, but just not my style. I have a hard time getting into MMORPGs that remind me of Guild Wars 2 and that WOW 2.0ish feel. I just think I am jaded from MMORPGs…

I feel like my attachment to MMORPGs have just dwindled over the years. One of the first MMORPGs to capture my attention was a MUD, the next was Ragnarok Online, followed by Final Fantasy XI. World of Warcraft did bring me around in a gaming world for a moment, but if I had to think of any MMORPG that really was deep in my head it would be Final Fantasy XI. Too bad World of Warcraft was such a huge success, it really did become the new cookie cutter template for MMORPGs.

My hopes are that some of these surprising new games will hopefully grab my attention in the near future:

Lastly… I wanted to close out with a WTF to Hatsune Miku Experience coming to San Francisco. Anyone going to this craziness?

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