One Day E3 Trip Recap (EAT3)


One Day E3 Trip Recap (EAT3)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to report on a crazy on the whim 1 day trip to E3, better known as EAT3 for me. I had on a random Thursday the week before E3, decided on checking for plane tickets from SFO to LAX. With just my luck I found roundtrip airline tickets from Delta for only $116! That pricepoint made the decision for me to venture again to E3.

I took an early flight at 6:30am with nothing but my wallet, phone, and ID. The reason I brought no backpack was due to a post I saw about backpacks being forbidden to the event. This resulted in being loosely enforced thus making things much more cumbersome for me to make purchases. In the end of it all I only bought same figures from Ubisoft.

My first stop when I landed in LAX was to find food. I called upon my Facebook friends and got sage advice to go back to my usual Eggslut location in DTLA. There was a line for Eggslut, but the food did not disappoint. I ended up getting a breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon, and sausage.

Next I traveled to LA Convention Center to grab my badge and await the opening to E3. There were swarms of people within the convention center and I was so happy that they let us stay within the doors instead of having us wait outside.

I had a plan in mind and that was to go to SEGA as my first destination to play one of my most cherished games, Valkyria Chronicles 4. During my wait in line I did peek out Vampy, but she seemed busy so I let her pass.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 played very similar to the original Valkyria Chronicles in the tactics style gameplay but in 1st/3rd person hybrid. I did get a cool Ragnarok hat for playtesting the demo.

My second endeavor was one I regret. I decided to line up in the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee line since the guy holding the end of line said there was room for 2 more. Next thing I know… 2 hours pass and I am still deep within the middle of the line to play a bridge game of Pokemon Blue/Red and Pokemon GO. I asked the nice ladies working if I can leave and they let me take a picture with this cute guy… and gave me the freebie as if I did play the demo. WINNING!

I made my way around and lined up to play Dragon Quest XI since it was way shorter than the Kingdom Hearts 3 line. Here I got to play a whole 15 minutes of DQXI. They gave us various ways to play the game, either explore the newbie town, fight in the advanced areas, or browse the midgame town for some racing. I decided to do none of the above and went talking to every NPC. SPOILER ALERT: I did end up finding some red light district-esque sequence of getting a “puff puff” in a room. Afterwards, the ladies in my party gave me dirty looks! This reminded me a little of the cross dressing Cloud quest in Final Fantasy VII. In the end I got to take a picture with the cast behind me:

My trip was brief, but ended with a double dose of back to back food. I went to Guisados for a sampler taco platter. After that I headed toward LAX and plunged my face into some Shake Shack.

I definitely look forward the E3 again next year. Below are the list of games I highly look forward to and have already preordered:

Did I miss any games? Leave a comment below!

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