My Internet Speeds are Now Comcastic!


My Internet Speeds are Now Comcastic!

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about how I effectively doubled my internet speeds both wired and wireless while using Comcast/Xfinity in San Francisco.
After being on the same Comcast internet for the past 2 years and with Tim talking about routers on the forums, I decided to run a random speed test to check my internet speeds. I simply used and ran a test:speedbefore
Now the speed wasn’t too bad, but I remembered I had Blast! internet which should allow for up to 105mbps. I was currently using a Linksys N900 wireless router and leasing an older ARRIS WBM760 cable modem. Thanks to an article I was reading online, I found out that Comcast raised their pricing on leasing cable modems from $8 to $10. At that point it made me realize that I was effectively paying $120 to lease a cable modem per year. I started reading online a bit and even deep dove into some website reviews about cable modems and how Comcast is moving toward DOCSIS 3.0 etc.

With some research and review reading, I settled on the ARRIS SB6183 cable modem and the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 wireless router! Before I go forward, I wanted to let you know that this cost me a whopping $430 before tax just to set your expectations a bit. I hooked these badboys up and called Comcast to activate the new cable modem. I ran another speedtest and I was astonished by the results:
Although my upload speed still remained relatively the same, my upload went up by more than double! What I was shocked to find was that the Nighthawk X6 helped my iPhone 5s(yes my grandma has a freaking iPhone 6+ making me look out of date) reach an insane download speed of 100mbps via the speedtest application!

Although I did not install DD-WRT firmware on the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6, it is performing beyond my expectations and I highly recommend people who have multiple devices connected to consider it! My NETGEAR Genie app shows that I have many people on my network, in this specific instance 20 people!
So that is now 20 people siphoning away at my internet and yet still I am able to internetz away without a hitch. People who are not having a million devices connected to Wi-Fi at a time may consider a different router like the ASUS RT-AC87U wireless router!

So for those who are on Comcast and have at least some sort of upgraded internet plan definitely consider trying what I did. Below are the two products I chose after doing a bunch of research and review reading to upgrade my home network:

Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or comments on the products I owned or purchased! Also, I do now have a N900 router up for sale if anyone is interested!

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