A text based MMORPG based on modified Rom 2.4 code.


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DREAMPIECE MUD is a free to play online text-based Multi-User Dungeon based on modified ROM 2.4 code base. I have played many ROM 2.4 MUDs back in 1996-2000 such as Altered Reality, Illusions of the Mind, Ground Zero, and Aydindril. I ultimately wish to implement and share my favorites from each of those MUDs. The current playable races are (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Esper, Drake, Ghoul, Orc, Half-Elf, Drow, Kenku, Centaur, Halfling, and Ogre) and the job classes (Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Necromancer, Dragoon, and Druid). Some races have special skills and others are unable to pick certain classes. Many of the areas are taken from popular ROM 2.4 MUDs of 1996-2000 including Underdark, Valley of the Titans, Sesame Street, Divided Souls, Drakyri Isle, Mirror Realm, and more! Ninja Academy is a new area catered to levels 5-30 that is 100% original to DREAMPIECE MUD. In total there has been 28 new areas added to the stock Rom 2.4 codebase here at DREAMPIECE. 

Watching players new and old try out this MUD, I realized it needed to be more newbie friendly to attract a deserving player base. I have put some effort into modifying certain things such as the initial war banner to help max leveling stats and implementing mobprogs to cast buffs right in the beginning. Walking directions to all available areas can be found with 'help directions'. Experience gain has increased and the penalties of stock ROM ie. alignment have been lifted. Equipment level requirement has been reduced by 15 levels helping players at level 1 wear level 15 gear. There are also questing, auctions, board system, bank system, donations, clans with clan specific hall/gear, arena pvp, asciimap, portal room, summoner, and more available in DREAMPIECE MUD. Recently, a full rebalance of the current classes was done. Each class has their uniqueness to them, ie. Druids that can summon squirrels, Dragoons with lunging skill, and Clerics with stakes that harm Ghouls and other undead races. I will be constantly updating this MUD, please enjoy your stay! If you need any help join the DREAMPIECE discord.