Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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I hope everyone has a great holiday dinner with family and friends! After dinner, I will be playing the following games during my holiday weekend while packing before moving to Beijing, China for work:

I will also be sniping some deals during Black Friday sales. Some items I am really wanting are as follows:

Unlike most, I will be bypassing the 4K HDTV/Monitor frenzy for the time being. After seeing 5K monitors just come quickly after 4K leaves me thinking that the technology is still not primed to be fully mainstream. After all my experience working in Home Theater taught me a thing or two about resolution and source feeds. I personally am waiting for OLED 4K TVs to become mainstream as those sets actually look much better as it is a new technology altogether! I too am also looking for a minimum of 65 inches for my next HDTV. If anyone here is still interested in TVs this weekend, Amazon is having a field day on some good Samsung sets.

Btw.. go 49ers!!! Beat the Seahawks!

So, if you are gaming or shopping this weekend… What are you planning to play or buy?

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