Gun Gale Online – The Good SAO


Gun Gale Online – The Good SAO

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It’s almost become a meme to hate on Sword Art Online. Sure there are people who have a positive opinion of SAO–maybe even like SAO. However, as with the inventor of the black Halloween Whopper, cash-only places, and people who rate Hinamatsuri below a 10/10, those people are on the wrong side of history.

Luckily for those anime enthusiasts with their taste intact, there is an SAO alternative–Gun Gale Online. While GGO takes place in the SAO universe, it is written by a different author resulting in a completely different tone and direction with how the characters are developed and the plot unfolds.

This 12 episode season has a fairly simple, not-serious, but satisfying plot along with some good chans. The story follows Karen, a university student with some body image issues from being tall all her life. She escapes her reality by playing GGO (a VR FPS) as a short chibi character named LLENN wielding a P90 rifle nicknamed “P-Chan”. The series juxtaposes the mild mannered insecure Karen with her badass blood thirsty alter ego, “Pink Devil”. There are great comedic moments and even greater climactic scenes. This is definitely an anime that should be in your queue.


  • Why watch? Action packed fight scenes with some great OMGWTFBBQ!!11@@2 moments. LLENN and P-Chan absolutely steal the show. Experience nostalgia from those GoldenEye 007 N64 days fighting that one friend who always picked Oddjob.
  • Episode Length: 12 Episodes
  • Genre: Action, Game
  • Age Rating: Teen+
  • Intended Audience: People who are looking for a low-stakes action packed summer blockbuster featuring a badass loli.
  • Similar Anime: (pending)
  • Potential Triggers:
    • Goro? a little
    • Lolis? YES
    • Senien? No
    • Ecchi? No
    • Sister Complex? No


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