Gearing Out for Final Fantasy TCG


Gearing Out for Final Fantasy TCG

Happy New Year everyone! Final Fantasy Trading Card Game has consumed an amazing amount of my free time outside of work and family life. It has become so obsessive that I began researching and joining communities from Facebook to forums. I felt it was my time to contribute and share my experiences and my equipment that I plan to roll out with for Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.

I have been playing physical card games since 1995 with Magic: the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars/Star Trek from Decipher, Overpower, Pokemon, Yugioh, and now more recently Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. I have been using different brands of sleeves, deckboxes, and binders over the years and with the help of the past and present gaming communities these are my favorites:

SLEEVES – arguably the most important piece to your TCG experience and to protect your investment

KMC Hyper MAT – thick with matte textured backing for great shuffling ease (my current staple)
KMC Perfect Fit – this is used for double sleeving only and not recommended by itself as it won’t protect much
KMC Character Guard Oversleeve – this is the sleeve you want to use to protect your FFTCG sleeves and make triple sleeving possible
Player’s Choice – thin high quality plastic that are symmetrically cut well (my old go to but harder to find)
Dragon Shield – thick old school sleeves that I used back in late 1990s
Ultra Pro Eclipse – these are new to me and I have been hearing that these are the best available now due to KMC potentially dropping in quality

DECK BOXES – another staple for keeping your deck safe for transport

Pokemon World Championship Double Deck Box – rare but sturdy plastic with good magnetic closure (magnet may detach so… beware!)
Upper Deck World of Warcraft Starter Deck Box – flip the slipcover for a low key book looking box but need to split deck in half to fit 25 on each side… (pictured above)
Ultimate Guard 100 Card Flip Xenoskin Deck Case – expensive high quality but more traditional deck box
Ultimate Guard Flip N Tray Xenoskin – UPDATE: this is a great one that I ended up picking up to hold dice as well as other cards.
Dex Protection Dualist Deck Box – looks like if Ultimate Guard and the Pokemon World Championship Double Deck Box combined to make this…

Update… my Pokemon World Championship Double Deck Box came from my purchase on eBay! I get to rep my city now with this!

Update #2… I received my Dex Protection Dualist Deck Box and want to show a size comparison:

Here is one of my Final Fantasy decks single sleeved in KMC HyperMAT clear sleeves sitting in both the Dex and the Pokemon deckboxes:

Currently my favorite is still the Pokemon deckbox due to the size and portability while being able to hold two decks… now I am UNSURE if the Pokemon World Championships Deck Box can handle a double sleeve deck. There is still a good amount of room with my single sleeve so ideally it should fit. I just wanted to warn you before dropping $40~ on a deckbox.

PLAYMATS – something to keep your cards in sleeves away from the elements like sticky soda residue from other players while showcasing your art

Custom Playmat from ggminhai – good quality custom prints related to Final Fantasy and other genres (mine is pictured above)
Official Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Playmat – official goodness but from EU (preordered from my local game store Versus Games)

PLAYMAT CASE – I didn’t even realize they made a nice case for playmats

Ultimate Guard Flip´N´Tray Mat Case XenoSkin – I used a cheapy drawstring bag that came with my old mat, but this… this is MVP

PORTFOLIOS – something to keep your set, playset, or trades in

Ultimate Guard Xenoskin Zip Folio – great feeling zippered portfolio to keep the cards safe

That is about it! I hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know in the comments section!

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  • Arcy
    Jul 12, 2018 @ 0:14 am

    Given it’s not listed, in the deck box section I’m curious about what deck box that is, the black box, it’s pretty awesome looking!

    I’ll personally be using one that I’d recommend to people for a long long time now, the Ultimate Guard Flip N Tray (for 100+ sleeved cards, or 80 double sleeved cards):

    • Jul 13, 2018 @ 21:34 pm

      Did you mean this one? I took the starter deck and gutted it out by flipping the insert. The only thing with this deckbox is you have to split your deck into halves. I don’t think it can handle bigger sleeves either.


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