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    So you’ve decided to take the plunge and return to Azeroth (one last time?). I’ve played WoW on and off since the beginning (of time) but haven’t played in a LONG time. So when I first came back I was completely overwhelmed by what to do and where to go. It took me a few play sessions before I felt comfortable just moving around in the world and could come up with goals and had the tools to find out how to accomplish them. This is intended to get you going in the right direction and won’t be all-inclusive. I can post other noob guides to garrisons, crafting, gearing, etc. before legion if people are interested. Sorry in advance for the typos.

    What you should be doing to prepare for the Legion expansion on 8/30 depends on what level you are. Are you under level 100, then read below. If you are already level 100 skip down. While leveling to 100, there are two main things that will help you: your adventurer’s guide and heirloom gear. Your adventurer’s guide is available via your toolbar by your skills window, etc. and it will tell you all the places you can go that are appropriate for your level and even gives out quests that put a ? on the map in the new zone that helps you know where to start in the zone. Heirloom gear is sold by an NPC in the Rogue’s Quarter in the Undercity and other pieces are sold by the guild vendor in Orgrimmar. Heirloom gear is gear that scales with your level and is best in slot from level 1 to 100. Certain pieces (head, chest, back, shoulders and legs) also give a % bonus to ALL EXP GAINS.

    Heirloom gear is intended for veteran players that just want to level fast and don’t care about the story. Heirloom gear breaks the game until level 100 so don’t wear it if you want to experience the game and your class. If you just want to level WEAR THIS STUFF. Heirloom gear costs gold and has to be upgraded via upgrades purchased from the heirloom vendor in the Undercity. Base heirloom gear is wearable from level 1-60, then you have to upgrade them to go from 60-90 and again from 90-100. Once purchased, heirloom gear goes into a tab in your collections window and can be used by multiple classes. For example you can share the same heirloom gear on your cloth wearing mage and priest but have to buy different sets for leather, mail and plate wearers. This can get pricey so you may want to purchase a WoW Token from the store and sell it on the auction house. A WoW token costs $20 and has a fixed value when you list it on the auction house. It costs nothing to list on the AH and always sells after 2-12 hours at the price you listed it for. The value of tokens can vary but should be around 40,000 gold. If tokens are selling for less than 40k, just wait a couple hourse… the price always bounces back.

    Another leveling tip is make sure to purchase ground an flying from a flight trainer (there’s one on the top of Orgrimmar by the zeppelins) as soon as you can. Flying is MUCH faster than ground mounts and allows you to zip from quest to quest. This can also get expensive so a WoW token may be necessary. If you pre ordered Legion you get 1 free character boost to level 100. The boost gives you all these flight upgrades for free except the last (and most expensive) one.

    Here is a breakdown of level and where that puts you in the WoW universe:

    Level 1-58 Classic WoW zones. You will be questing in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. If you hover over the zones in the world map it will tell you the appropriate level range for each zone.

    Level 58-68 Burning Crusade Expansion. You will be questing in Outland. You can get to Outland via a portal under Orgrimmar to Hellfire Penninsula. The first zone Hellfire Peninsula can be overrun by scumbag alliance killing you and/or the NPCs you need to complete quests in the zone. Level in Hellfire from 58-60 then get out of there to Zangarmarsh for 60-64. Alternatively you can run battlegrounds or dungeons to level 58-60 and skip the zone.

    Level 68-80 Wrath of the Litch King Expansion. You will be questing in Northrend. You can get to Northrend via zepplin from Orgrimmar or the Undercity. I recommend taking the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to the Borean Tundra.

    Level 80-85 Cataclysm Expansion. You will be questing in special zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. All these zones are accessible by portals in Orgrimmar. I recommend leveling in the Mt. Hyjal zone and avoiding Vashjir (annoying underwater zone reasons).

    Level 85-90 Mists of Pandaria Expansion. You will be questing on the Pandaria island. A quest from your adventurer’s guide gets you to Pandaria.

    Level 90-100 Warlords of Draenor Expansion. You will be questing in Draenor. Accept the quest from your adventurer’s guide then take the portal under Orgrimmar to the Blasted Lands. The quest line to access Draenor and get your garrison started can take an hour give or take 15 minutes so be prepared to spend some time to unlock this. A note for heirloom weapon users: at level 90 your heirloom weapon will be weaker than the first quest reward weapon you get unlocking Draenor. Equip the quest reward weapon until you hit level 91. At level 91 your heirloom weapon becomes best in slot again and you will use it until level 100.

    There are some shortcuts to leveling from 91 to 100. If you aren’t getting power leveled, the fastest way I found is through garrison missions and purchasing an Elixir of the Rapid Mind off the AH. If you’ve unlocked the garrison and have purchased an Elixir off the AH, hit me, Pete or Benny up in game and we can walk you through how to do it. There are also many posts and videos on it if you do a google search.

    IF YOU HAVE HIT LEVEL 100… congratulations! Now what? Since Legion is going to replace all your gear, add new crafting recipes, etc. you don’t need to go grind anything out if you don’t want to. Have some fun. Roll a demon hunter and go through their starting area. You are OP as f at level 100, so you can go back and run old content for mounts, titles, transmog looks and/or gold. I went back and did fishing rep in Mists of Pandaria to unlock a water walking mount. :)

    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to boost your character before Legion, run the invasions that are going on as part of the Legion pre-launch. There are always 2 of them going on either Kalimdor and/or the Eastern Kingdoms maps. Open your map and look for the big green splotches. These events are easy fun and give you a full set of item level 700 armor and weapons (the weapons can be upgraded to 725). The event also gives you a currency that can be used to buy item level 700 capes, jewelry and trinkets. This is a very good thing and essentially allows you to skip most of the Draenor gear leveling process. The top-end Draenor gear will still be better but this will give you an advantage with starting legion (and the sets look cool!). You can run an invasion once per character until it resets. Invasions reset every 4 hours… hovering over one in the map will tell you how long until the next reset.

    If you want to max out crafting, Warlords of Draenor and your garrison make it super easy. You don’t have to go back and grind old recipes or gather from old nodes. You can level crafting from 1-700 just using Draenor recipes and Draenor nodes. It’s pretty straightforward, but I can post something more detailed if people want. Talk to Pete about how to go from 1-700 in minutes. :)

    HOW THE F DO I GET FROM A TO B???! Currently there are three major hubs that will get you most everywhere. Orgrimmar has portals to Dreanor (if you’ve unlocked Dreanor via quest), portals to all Cataclysm zones (which come in handy when you are chasing down those invasion sites), a portal to Outland, zeppelins to the major cities and Northrend and a portal to Blasted Lands to start the Draenor quest line. Warspear is the main city in Draenor and has portals to all the major cities. However, you probably want to set your hearthstone to the Shrine of the Two Moons in Mists of Pandaria. This location has portals to all the major cities and Shattrah and Dalaran all in one room. As well as your bank, transmogs and anything else in adjacent rooms. Ask someone to give you a port/ride there to set your hearthstone asap. :)

    Hope this was helpful (coherent). Let me know if there are any other noob guides you are interested in or if I could make something clearer. :)

    FOR THE HORDE! (f the alliance)

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