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    -Color code added
    -Color on Flags ie. (Glowing)(Humming)(Invis) etc…
    -Damage numbers added
    -New Areas added: Underdark, Valley of the Titans, Mudschool Fieldtrip, Newbie Zone, Sesame Street, Great Town of Gerighelm
    -Wizlist updated
    -Mud Title ASCII logo added

    -Esper, Drake, and Ghoul races added
    -Phase skill implemented for caster classes
    -Connect port 4000 is now established

    -Necromancer class added
    -Whirlwind skill for warriors added

    -Scrapped the whole project and restarted
    -OLC implemented
    -ANSI Color prompt added
    -Copyover added
    -General Board system overriding the old Note system
    -Scan command added

    -Added new areas
    -Implemented an Autoauction code
    -Removed title changes upon level
    -Added numeric damage values
    -Modified stock newbie war banner to apply leveling stats on INT, WIS, and CON
    -Color added to various items like damage names ie. === OBLITERATES === is in multicolor

    -Added skill Critical Strike -100% skills get a bonus chance to do more damage
    -Donate command implemented
    -Push and drag added

    -Autoquesting is now available @ Heimdall (1n, 3u from Recall Location)

    -Necromancer and Dragoon classes added
    -Resurrect spell added for Necromancer class

    -GBS Banking implemented with Otho at Clan Road in Midgaard

    -Full restore upon leveling
    -Tweaks to spells and skills

    -Added Remy the DREAMPIECE Newbie Guide equipped with mprogs to help. Say ‘i need strength’ for buffs until level 10.
    -Added Dragoon and Necromancer guilds to practice in Midgaard. Look at Midgaard map for whereabouts.
    -Various room creations and edits
    -Fixed bug when telling a mob caused game to crash

    -Construction of Ninja Academy area to give more early game content for newbies

    -Added Whirlwind skill for Warriors
    -More skill balancing

    -Ninja Academy Area for levels 1-10 Completed

    -Sacrifice all command added
    -An aged leather couch sits in the Midgaard pit and gives a 5x healing bonus

    -Added directions list for all areas. Type ‘help directions’ in-game for more details.

    -New areas have been added to the game: Atlantis, Dark Continent, Chessboard of Midgaard, and The Keep of the Warlock
    -Base xp increased, xp penalties removed, and low level xp extended to all levels
    -Fixed bug with AUTOQUEST system prize payout

    -Lore skill fixed
    -Small spell/skill balancing
    -Clan prices and information updated. Type ‘help prices’ in-game for more details.

    -New clan created named Pirates
    -Updated clan/guild help. Type ‘help clan’ in-game for more details.
    -New areas added: Aarakocran City, The Abyss, and King’s Castle

    -Added enhancements to get, drop, give, and put commands ie. get 2*bread
    -Added Necromancy spell group for Necromancers
    -Added new spell fear for Necromancers
    -New songs added to jukebox play list

    -Lowered equipment level requirements by 15 levels ie. level 1 can wear level 15 equipment
    -Added new playable Orc race
    -Added new AUTOQUEST item(a PORTAL watch of Recall) to help those who get stuck in norecall zones
    -Modified the starting war banner to include 100 movement and be burnproof
    -Increased the level of outfit command to 10
    -Added various new equipment and items

    -Added circle and counterattack skills
    -Added shielding group of spells
    -Balanced class skills

    -Added Midgaard Morgue one east of the healer by the Temple Altar in Midgaard
    -Your corpse are now sent to the Midgaard Morgue when you die
    -Removed equipment removal penalties from storing equipment 2 levels higher
    -Revamped help files to help guide newbie players ie. help newbie and help new areas
    -Revamped mud school room descriptions and signs to better help players with mud basics
    -Fixed bug with potions, staves, and wands where 4th spell does not activate
    -Added Divided Souls and Drakyri Isle areas
    -Fixed area bugs

    -Added lunge and deathgrip skills
    -Added acid rain and deter spells
    -Added gain revert to convert 1 train into 10 practices

    -Boosted xp gains overall and bonus xp for harder mobs ie. sanctuary or hasted mobs
    -Removed alignment based xp gains/punishments
    -Rebalanced spells/skills to diversify stock rom classes
    -Added Half-Elf and Drow races
    -Added meld racial skill for Drow race
    -Added bark skin spell
    -Added fourth and fifth attack skill
    -Added quit command for AUTOQUEST
    -Added remove all to remove all equipment
    -Added area info to where command

    -Adjusted xp gains again
    -Added tail skill for Drake race
    -MERCENARIES clan formed

    -Added Kenku, Centaur, Halfling, and Ogre races

    -Added tracking skill for future Druid class

    -PVP Arena has now been added
    -Added sate and quench spells for future Druid class
    -Added stake skill for Clerics to deal great damage to ghouls, undead, and corpses
    -Some classes are no longer available for certain races
    -At level 15, if you have not created or joined a clan you will become Loner and open to PK

    -Added Druid class
    -Added clanrecall for clan members to recall to their clan hall
    -Added spellup command for immortals
    -Updated Remy to give more spellups and up until level 20
    -Added asciimap for graphical map view automap to toggle
    -Prompt all command altered

    -Added animal instinct and summon pack spells for druid

    -Added Mirror Realm area
    -Updated help directions to available areas
    -Added summon squirrels spell for druid
    -AUTOQUEST command changed to QUEST

    -Added Camelot and Solace areas
    -Added IC/OOC/chat commands help channel for more details
    -Updated help for color

    -Added dual wield for warriors with second command

    -Added new clan code to allow mortal leaders to guild new members
    -Portal room added west of the Temple Altar
    -Montgomery NPC added in portal room, use travel command
    -A portal constructed in the portal room to send players randomly around the world
    -Nami NPC shopkeeper set in portal room

    -Restring items added for players, type help restring for more details

    -Hint channel now available for newbies
    -Objdump and newdump commands for IMPs to output data on items
    -Replenish skill added for necromancers to eat corpses

    -Bug with racial class selection fixed
    -Inspire skill added for clerics
    -Fixed some issues with bank system

    -Fully integrated and linked Haunted Palace area
    -Added new The Fortress of Goblins area



    Updated 03/04/16.

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