Final Fantasy TCG Opus III 6 Packs 6 Legends


Final Fantasy TCG Opus III 6 Packs 6 Legends

Hey everyone! So I recently was opening packs and found a lot of interesting details in doing so. I was able to select 6 booster packs from a box and hit 6 Legends from it. I ended up opening 9 packs total from the box to retrieve all 7 Legends. More surprisingly I was able to finally film it too with the confidence I have gathered since Opus I Wave I. Sorry for the shaky footage in the beginning, I underestimated using a ghetto stand to record!

I ended up with the following cards from the 9 booster packs of FFTCG Opus III:

  • Lenna – Great card for mono Water type decks
  • Genesis – A staple in my Fire/Ice Aggro deck
  • Zack – I love me Crisis Core, but can’t utilize him yet in a deck where I feel comfortable
  • Ramza – Another great Knight for the Knights of the Round deck type
  • Garnet – Polarizing good card that I may consider in my Earth/Water deck
  • Exdeath – Seems good with mono Lightning, but Opus 1 Exdeath has seen a slight comeback in tournaments
  • Kuja – Another staple in all Ice decks I feeld
  • Dorgann – A new power card for Wind, probably one of my favorite Opus III cards
  • White Tiger l’Cie Nimbus – good value for mono Ice decks

I have been studying all 10 of my FFTCG booster box openings in the past and I finally can say that even the foils inserted in the boxes are predetermined. For those wanting play sets or not wanting to have a box without foil Ls, please consider a brand new sealed case of 6 when purchasing.

For those curious about where I got my playmat… you can find them in the Final Fantasy section of this seller HERE.

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more FFTCG and game related posts!

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