Final Fantasy TCG at E3


Final Fantasy TCG at E3

I finally got some time to write about my trip to E3 (June 14-16th 2017) which ended up at the Final Fantasy TCG section of the Square-Enix booth. The reason for this craziness was due to my participation in their lone FFTCG draft tournament on the last day of E3. I wanted to boost awareness of the game and especially the Facebook communities in which I am actively a part of, namely Final Fantasy TCG – SF Bay Area. This draft tournament ended up taking up almost 5 hours of the day, but ultimately ending with my picture taken as the victor of the draft tournament!

I first want to talk a little bit about how amazed I was at the product selling out at the Square-Enix booth. The Final Fantasy TCG was completely wiped out at the store leaving eager fans hungry for more. Check out how crazy it was:

As of right now you can still easily acquire Final Fantasy TCG Opus 1 booster boxes for under MSRP!

Square-Enix also had a nice demo area for the game which can be seen in my photo:

Anyone who had time to demo the game and win were awarded with a promo card of either Sephiroth PR-001 or Lightning PR-003! I quickly taught my friend, Jeff, in about an hour how to play FFTCG and the basics about draft lol… I had no mercy and whipped out my own Shelke deck against the demo starter deck!

The presence of Square-Enix and FFTCG at E3 definitely helped bring more eyes to this game. I was a huge supporter of Final Fantasy TCG from the start and wanted to do my best jumping into the action by participating in their lone draft event. For those who don’t know the draft format is a limited type of event that allows for anyone to get into the game. If you want more in-depth information about the draft see my article about booster draft here.

The tournament itself cost $15 and participants were rewarded with a full playset 3x each of Sephiroth PR-001 and Lightning PR-003 cards in addition to the 4 draft packs. It was Bo1 3 rounds with your own pod, then Bo3 Top 4.

There were a total of 8 participants as there were only room for 8 seats. Each player had 4 packs of FFTCG Opus I to work with. Below was my winning deck which I donated to the staff to hand out to anyone wanting FFTCG cards:

To reinforce on my draft article posted last month, I stuck to my key points! During this draft I stuck heavily to these points:
4 – Consider going 3 Elements right from the start
6 – Bomb cards are important to grab as well… here are some I would always go for outside of Legendaries:

  • Burn/Removal: Odin4, Odin7, Seymour, Brynhildr, and Machinist
  • Bounce: Leviathan and Yuna H
  • Dull/Freeze: Shiva R and Snow
  • Battle Tricks/Pumps: Titan, Golem, Belias, the Gigas, and Cuchulainn, the Impure
  • Annoyance: Minwu, Larsa, and all the Cecils
  • Beef: 9000 Power Forwards
  • Zemus – just so good in draft

The draft was very long but very fun and the most memorable moments I had were getting hit with both Cloud and Zidane on the board! Thanks Clayton for that scary board!

and… getting hit with a WTFBAHAMUT in draft?!!

In the end after the 5 hours of grueling best of 3 top 4 combat… I went home with these bad boys:

My ending record was 3-0 in swiss and 4-2 in the top 4 for a day’s total of 7-2 with my Earth, Water, and Lightning deck.

That is it for today! Until next time! If you have any questions about FFTCG draft or anything else related to FFTCG feel free to leave a comment below! I hope the upcoming Crunchyroll Expo will have Square-Enix’s presence there as well as I plan on attending to cover the expo and get my cards signed by Amano!

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