Extra Life 2014 Something For The Kids!


Extra Life 2014 Something For The Kids!

Hey Everyone! I am writing today to ask for support for the upcoming Extra Life 2014 Charity Event! Once again I am joining in on the social rollercoaster of gaming for 24 hours straight and all donations made to me go directly to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital!

Extra Life is a way for gamers like myself to play games for a great cause to help children in need. You can read more about the origin of Extra Life here. This Event will take place on October 25, 2014 on a massive online scale!

For 24 hours barring bladder release breaks, I will be playing a combination of the following games at my work:

Destiny (PS4): Watch me punch people all day in Crucible while getting exotic engrams by being last place!

Super Smash Bros (3DS): Watch me break my analog stick like the many people of Japan did!

SMITE (PC): Watch me wreck or get wrecked in this over the shoulder styled MOBA!

Hearthstone (iPad/PC): Watch me play with a nerfed Hunter deck!

Ragnarok Online (PC): Watch me sit in Prontera all day while the sweet midi files play!

Magic the Gathering (TCG): Don’t watch me play this cause I don’t know how I would stream it!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (PC): Watch me save money until I can buy and AWP and immediately die after buying it!

Depending on the situation, I or a colleague of mine may be streaming this event live on Twitch! Remember this is something for the kids!

If you wish to support my efforts and make a tax-deductible donation to help children in need, please CLICK HERE or the image button below to visit my fundraising site! At the end of the event, I will feature all the donors on my site with a special thank you! For the kids!

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  • Marshall
    Oct 7, 2014 @ 13:35 pm

    Good Luck Benny! I remember last year… 23 hours of Hearthstone arena and 1 hour of In n Out. :)

    I suggest you pick up Shadows of Mordor (PC)… that game will keep you sucked in man! The hours fly when I play it.

  • Marshall
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 14:40 pm

    PS- Here’s Benny at the end of the 24 hours:


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