The Tidus High but I’m Morphing On


The Tidus High but I’m Morphing On

Hey everyone! Again it has been a long time since I last updated. Above is what desperation looks like… I have been recently pouring my mind into a trading card game that may not even last due to supply/demand issues, Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Thanks to a YouTuber Josephyr (video above), I kind of got pretty interested in it. Being a huge Final Fantasy and TCG fan, picking up this game was a no brainer for me. Unfortunately, for my friends… this game’s demand outweighed the supply by a large margin. I was lucky enough to notice a Facebook ad from my friendly neighborhood LGS, Versus Games in San Francisco. I highly recommend if you are in the San Francisco area to call in and pre-order from Versus Games. Currently, getting a booster box easily can cost upwards of $250+ and starter decks for $25+ on eBay if you want your hands on it before February.

Anyways the meat of this post is actually to brain dump and deck tech something I been eyeballing through the cards available on and sites. I noticed that Blitz Ace Tidus and Mighty Morphing Gilgamesh both had very unique abilities of attacking more than once. With more in depth digging, I noticed Starter Gilgamesh also required 4 points of damage to become powerful. This is doubly beneficial for Blitz Ace Tidus as he attacks once per damage taken.

There are also some great Dulling options from both Water and Lightning such as Ultimecia, Lightning, and Cait Sith. This deck has enough tricks up its sleeve to be annoying and benefits from taking points of damage. So to recap what my thoughts on this deck would be… take a beating, dish out a beating… control the board with Ultimecia and other dulling/bounce effects then smash multiple times with Tidus/Gilgamesh. Remember take a few hits and get Tidus High.

Here is my decklist (thank you for making this easier for me):


Forwards (24)
Backups (16)
Summons (10)

That is about it everyone! Please comment and leave feedback on ways to improve this deck! Until next time… Ultimecia is going to get more pricey and hard to get thanks to Josephyr’s win in the Square-Enix EU tournament.

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