So… guess what? I decided to impulsively start a RO private server!

If you guys are interested in trying it out here are the instructions:
1. Download and extract my version of RO(2gb+): http://www.dreampiece.com/downloads/DREAMPIECERO.zip
2. Inside the folder there is an opensetup.exe so you can config your screen size etc…
3. Run DREAMPIECERO.exe to start the game
4. To make a new character on login screen click register or you can just put yourname_m or yourname_f and whatever password you want. Example benny_m
5. REMEMBER after you create your account with yourname_m or yourname_f next time you login with the account TAKE OFF the _m or _f! So if you registered with johndoe_m login with just johndoe.
6. If you want you can use the pincode button to add a 4-6 digit pin to password protect your account… non sequential and non repeating ie. no 1234 or 1111. I don’t like it much personally…
Good luck and let me know if you have any issues! This is just a “beta” test, but give it a shot to stress test my machine.

Some quick tips:

RO as you knew it 10+ years ago has changed pretty drastically. This is now known as “Renewal” version of RO. It is almost a new game with updated features like navigation, bank on demand, and other random goodness.

When you join the game for the first time type:
@main join #main

now use #main in the whisper slot to talk to everyone in #main ie. world chat

There are @commands outside of /commands that add convenience to your everyday RO life like:

  • @autoloot that allows you to autopickup items
  • @autotrade that lets you vend while offline
  • @storage to access your storage from anywhere
  • @go 0 to go back to prontera town or @go eden for Eden quest zone
  • @jump lets you “flywing” or teleport around the map

There are also some quality of life features located in Prontera(@go 0) such as:

  • Job Change NPC
  • Buff NPC (GM Remi)
  • Warper NPC
  • Healer NPC
  • Identifier NPC (Cain)
  • PVP Rooms
  • Platinum Skills NPC
  • Universal Renter NPC
  • Ammunitions NPC
  • Stat Reset NPC

New Izlude Guide:
This guide actually helps with the new starting point for Ragnarok Online… which is in Izlude. You technically don’t need to do this since I have added job change NPC in Prontera and Warp NPCs around the world.

Leveling Help:
Might not be super helpful due to the EXP rates being higher. Should still help!

Ratemyserver.net – Useful item/mob/card database info… has skill calculators and more as well.

Currently DREAMPIECE RO is Renewal and rates are 25/25/10. Remember this is still in my beta testing… lots of things are kind of missing from iRO as the base of this is actually kRO.

If you have questions you can find me on Discord via this link: https://discord.gg/vN6bYeC or just comment below.

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