DREAMPIECE MUD Open to the Public!


DREAMPIECE MUD Open to the Public!

DREAMPIECE MUD is open to the public and you can play through it now!

MUDs have been around for some time now in the early dial up modem days. MUD is short for Multiplayer User Dungeon(or Dimension) and basically is the first MMORPG. MUDs in general are text based multiplayer dungeons and dragons type of games that are run by implementors or immortals. There are many MUDs out there in the world and I just added DREAMPIECE MUD to The Mud Connector listings.

DREAMPIECE MUD has been a project of mine since early 2009 and finally caught traction after all these years. My old area building skills and slim C knowledge are being put to the test with this project. Currently, I have been able to implement 3 new races and 2 new classes based on various games of inspiration. There are plans to implement much more areas and classes focusing on some of my real life endeavors and anime influences! Below is a snapshot of an area I created inspired by Naruto, Ninja Academy:
I am currently tracking all additions in a forum thread changelog post here.

For those who are curious about MUDs or want to try MUD, feel free to check out DREAMPIECE MUD for instructions on how to play.

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  • Slamulus
    Jul 15, 2015 @ 9:02 am

    the mud went down last night! first time I’ve seen it down since I started playing!

    • Jul 15, 2015 @ 13:01 pm

      Hey Slamulus, will look into getting it fixed. Sorry about that!

    • Jul 15, 2015 @ 20:20 pm

      Sorry Slamulus. I got it back up, the server went down and the MUD didn’t automatically go back up when the server went back up.


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