DREAMPIECE Meetup & Raffle 2015 – Celebrating XII Years!


DREAMPIECE Meetup & Raffle 2015 – Celebrating XII Years!

Hey everyone! I am planning on holding a meetup and donation raffle to help fund my efforts for DREAMPIECE and celebrate the XII awesome years it has been around. If you don’t know DREAMPIECE, it is an open gaming community I started back in April 2003 and I hope to keep it running for years to come. This very site has been funded by the raffles and donations from the awesome members of DREAMPIECE. People who know me very well also knows that I tend to buy random nerdy things and never open them. Since the items I buy or come across tend to be somewhat rare or out of this country, I wanted to share them with everyone while proactively making DREAMPIECE better. Basically I am funneling my consumer whorism with your help back into funding DREAMPIECE.

This will be the 3rd raffle run for DREAMPIECE and I hope to have included some great stuff for everyone in it.
Below is the initial list of raffle prizes with more to come:
TIER ONE (Unlocked)

  • World of Warcraft Windrider Plush
  • World of Warcraft Warcraft Alliance/Horde Seat Cushion
  • World of Warcraft Megabloks Figure
  • BlizzCon 2014 Exclusive Murloc Pin
  • Kidrobot TMNT Raphael + Sideshow Dunny + Breakdancer toys
  • LittleBigPlanet Sackboy Toy
  • Lootcrate Exclusive Star Trek Tribble + Star Trek Kirk mug
  • Lootcrate Exclusive Groot
  • Harvest Moon The Lost Valley Plush Dog
  • Logitech G600 MMORPG Mouse
  • Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Bottle Opener Keychain
  • Nintendo Bowser amiibo
  • Nintendo Sheik amiibo
  • Nintendo Zelda amiibo
  • Lego Simpsons Minifigure Series
  • Lego The Hulkbuster Smash
  • Disney Infinity PS3 Starter Set with Mike + Power Disc
  • Battlefield 4 PS4
  • Battlefield 4 PC
  • Captain America Vintage Wooden Artwork Piece
  • Banpresto Ikkaku Bleach Plush
  • Final Fantasy Card Game 2014 2nd Booster Pack
  • Link Pez + Majora’s Mask promotional mask
  • Game of Thrones Vinyl Figure
  • League of Legends Minifigure XinZhao

TIER TWO ($100 to Unlock)
TIER THREE ($200 to Unlock)
TIER FOUR ($300 to Unlock)
TIER FIVE ($400 to Unlock)
FINAL Tier ($500 to Unlock)

Each raffle ticket will be $5 and the drawing will be held in a coming weekend when the DREAMPIECE meetup happens. For each $100 in donation raffles I will add more prizes for that tier. Basically every 20 raffle tickets sold will unlock a new tier of prizes up to the final tier. More details will come and unfortunately, unless you wish to pay for the shipping costs the prizes will have to be picked up locally in San Francisco.

To buy a raffle ticket at $5/ea, here are your options:

  1. Pay me in person in cash
  2. Square Cash me via http://cash.me/$dreampiece
  3. Venmo me via @DREAMPIECE

Even if you want to help DREAMPIECE and don’t want to buy a $5 raffle ticket, you can do so by shopping at any of the following online shops by clicking on their respective links: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, GameStop, LEGO, Kidrobot, Walmart, or Microsoft! Thank you all for supporting DREAMPIECE for the past 12 Years!

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  • Marshall
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 9:06 am

    when’s the event happening?!

    • Apr 13, 2015 @ 11:45 am

      Probably sometime next month maybe? Still gauging the interest.

    • May 12, 2015 @ 15:00 pm

      May 31st is the scheduled date.


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