Deck Profile: Double Date at the Golden State


Deck Profile: Double Date at the Golden State

Hey everyone! I am writing again to share what I plan to use at the FFTCG US Championships in September. I have played Earth/Water ever since Opus I and have modified it a bit each time a new set appeared. With Opus III now legal, I was able to make some significant changes to my original Golden State deck.

Double Date at the Golden State

3 Guy (1-097)
3 Vincent (2-077)
2 Cecil (2-129)
3 Ursula (3-073)
2 Delita (3-088)
3 Yang (3-095)
2 Yuffie (3-069)
2 Garnet (3-129)
1 Feral Chaos (3-148)

2 Golem (1-106)
2 Titan (1-110)
3 Leviathan (1-178)
1 Hecatoncheir (1-117)
1 Syldra (3-135)
2 Atomos (3-074)

2 Enna Kros (1-095)
2 Yuna (1-176)
1 Machinist (2-083)
1 Shantotto (1-107)
2 Raubahn (2-093)
2 Monk (2-089)
2 Artemicion (3-122)
2 Astrologian (2-130)
2 Minwu (1-171)
1 Rydia (3-096)
1 Jessie (1-204)

The focal point of this deck now circles on two value combos:

  • Vincent + Yuffie

  • Yang + Ursala

Both teams have great synergies and both can drop 2 cards for the price of one.

The general strategy is to get out beefy characters, brave attack all day, and destroy others with Atomos/Raubahn to clear the path.

Here are some notes for the card choices

  • Artemicion is vital as it helps cycle out unwanted starting hands giving you chances at one of the two combos.
  • Feral Chaos is there as a huge body for Atomos/Raubahn as well as clearing out backups that may be clogging ie. Artemicion, Jessie, Raubahn, etc.
  • Rydia grabs necessary summons such as Hecatoncheir and opportune times or Atomos/Syldra for the win.
  • Jessie helps cycle the deck and grabs Yuffie if Vincent is already out, or Vincent if you have Yuffie in hand already.
  • Garnet helps with value Leviathans and Hecatoncheir while also filtering the occasional Titans.
  • Guy and Delita are just meta calls that should hurt Ice/Lightning which are strong contenders atm.
  • Yuna H is in here because damned Golbez is still running around untamed in my locals.
  • Cecil fuels the big bodies for Atomos/Raubahn and protects from the burns.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below!

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