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Unihorn, My Shaman Deck for Hearthstone

Hearthstone has been a great pick up game that sates my TCG cravings. During my recent illness after BlizzCon 2014 Hearthstone was the only game I was able to play and thus I dug deep into my MTG roots to […]


Reviving A Video Card With The Oven Trick

Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 GT has been a great graphics card back in the Counter-Strike days of the past. This card was performance worthy and budget friendly for most gamers including myself. The biggest problem is that over time graphics cards will […]


Sexxy Rexxy, My Hearthstone Aggro Hunter Deck

With my BlizzCon trip coming in a day, I thought it would be a nice idea to brush up on some of my Blizzard titles namely Hearthstone. I am a big TCG gamer and have passionately played Magic the Gathering, […]


Titan Striker Melee PVP Build for Destiny

Hey All! I wanted to share with everyone my character and build for the console hit, Destiny. This build/guide will be focused solely on PVP for Crucible/Iron Banner as I have yet to even complete the missions on the Moon. […]


Gravatar and You!

Many DREAMPIECE members have asked how to set up an avatar for the website. I finally set aside some time to write a short tutorial on how to obtain one to free yourselves from the default avatar. First, let us […]