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Away Mission: ARTNIA

Hey Everyone! I wanted to start a series of posts titled Away Missions. The thought is that anything somewhat nerdy I may do outside of San Francisco would be considered an Away Mission. The first of this series, I would […]


Destination: Eorzea Cafe

Hey Everyone, I am here to talk about an interesting place that I am planning to visit during my trip in Tokyo, Japan. Eorzea Cafe, seen in the video above by Subtokyo, has sparked my attention ever since I first heard […]


Benny’s Burgers: Pre-Beijing Edition

Hey everyone! It hasn’t even been one week since my last burger post, but I hit 5 burgers down the hatch this week! The rushed burger intake was due to my impromptu work trip to Beijing, China! Since I am […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope everyone has a great holiday dinner with family and friends! After dinner, I will be playing the following games during my holiday weekend while packing before moving to Beijing, China for work: Super Smash Bros. […]


Benny’s Burgers: November Edition

Hey everyone! Another month has passed and another five burgers have been consumed. I am back to give a quick review of the burgers I encountered this month. Most people who know me personally recognize that I eat a lot of […]