Benny’s Burgers: Pre-Beijing Edition


Benny’s Burgers: Pre-Beijing Edition

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  • Brendas
  • Roam
  • Super Duper
  • BCT Belly Burgers

Hey everyone! It hasn’t even been one week since my last burger post, but I hit 5 burgers down the hatch this week! The rushed burger intake was due to my impromptu work trip to Beijing, China! Since I am going to the country where my dad’s old restaurant, Rendezvous Cafe, was awarded best burger in Shanghai, I decided to use a picture I found of a burger from the restaurant. My roots of burgers stems deep in my past with my dad slinging burgers to me since I was young. I recall eating burgers almost once a week and it probably is the reason why I am so tall with all that cheese and milkshake goodness.

Most people who know me personally recognize that I eat a lot of burgers. Hamburgers are actually not my favorite food, but I tend to eat it often due to the lower price point. I eat so many different burgers from different places, that I felt it was my duty to share my experiences with them. I plan to share a few burgers from San Francisco each month, or as much as I remember to or have time to! This time I went to two of my staple burger joints in which I base my burger ratings on: Roam and Super Duper.

Below are some quick short reviews on some recent burgers I had. For reference, this is how I rank burgers in my head from lowest to highest: McDonald’s (1 star) -> Five Guys (2 star) -> In-N-Out (3 star) -> Super Duper (4 star) -> Roam (5 star)

1. Garaje – Garaje’s Drive-In Cheeseburger has been featured on Thrillist and mentioned to me by word of mouth. I felt like the burger was pretty ordinary with no thrills and no complaints. I opted for a single patty and I was surely glad I did. Grilled onions were a good touch that made this burger just a bit better, but when the fries outshine the burger there is no way I can rate it higher than a 3.
garaje drive in burger

2. Brenda’s French Soul Food – The burger from Brenda’s is pretty flavorful and well seasoned. The flavor however is not normally the one I seek when craving a burger. There is a kicking spice that knocks this burger out of the park with the melted cheese and egg addition. For the price, I would have to say it is a solid choice but if you have a chance to eat at Brenda’s the burger is not what you would want to order!
brendas burger

3. Roam Artisan Burgers – This is currently my favorite place to pick up a burger in San Francisco. Even 4505’s immaculate burger goes toe to toe with Roam in my opinion. There are two burgers that I really enjoy from Roam, one being the Tejano (pictured below) and the other is the Sunnyside (I will review it one day). The Tejano is a burger that bites back especially with the chips included. Just look at the picture below… it almost seems like the burger is a wild animal ready to devour your face! I love the avocados, pepper jack, and the crunch texture from the chips. The burger is perfectly cooked and well seasoned with flavor. Pairing a burger from Roam and a strawberry milkshake is my idea of heaven on earth!
roam tejano

4. Super Duper – Burgers and shakes at Super Duper are super solid. This place is very comparable to In-n-Out for more people, but I find it edging In-n-Out by a little margin. I opted for a mini burger with bacon and cheese with the complementary grilled onions. Generally I would order with an egg, but the mess it makes is too much for a quick 30 minute lunch break. The burgers here are seared with a nice edge that is a little more crispy than the greasy innards. The only con, if it even is a con would be the amount of grease that is dripping from the burger. Like Carl’s Jr’s commercials, if it isn’t messy it doesn’t belong in your face.

5. Big Chef Tom’s Pork Belly Burgers – Let me start by saying that this place is off the hook! This is one place that has made it on my top 10 burger spots even though it uses a pork belly patty rather than beef. I was lucky to get introduced to this place through catering at work! Now that a store front is open in the SOMA area and TryCaviar delivers them, I am frequently ordering from them. This is one of the rare burgers that has the taste linger like great BBQ. The spicy sauces that come with the Classic burger is just delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone! My two burgers of choice are the Classic and Banh Mi flavors, try them out for yourself!
bct pork belly burger

Have you tried any of these burgers? If so do you agree with my thoughts? If you guys have a must try burger spot in San Francisco, let me know and I will try to get in on it to compare it with other places I try. Also, feel free to ask me for suggestions about food places in San Francisco! Check back next month as I will be working in Beijing, China. The Beijing edition of Benny’s Burgers will come just in time for Christmas!


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  • stridunk82
    Nov 28, 2014 @ 12:23 pm

    After I munch on some post-Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, I’m gonna try these out Benny. Roam’s Tejano burger looks especially delicious!

    • Nov 28, 2014 @ 13:10 pm

      Roam is one of my favorite spots in SF… Umami and 4505 are the only other two that come close in comparison.

  • Marshall
    Dec 1, 2014 @ 14:03 pm

    Those burgers look so f’ing good.

    • Dec 1, 2014 @ 22:48 pm

      They were good! I am trying to find burger spots in Beijing… so far my only chance is McDonald’s cause that is the only place I recognize with a hamburger lol.


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