Author: Benny


Drafting Guide for FFTCG (Updated)

Today I wanted to give everyone my little run down of Final Fantasy TCG‘s draft format. The limited draft format is a fun way for players to play in a pretty fair environment! The cost of entry is pretty low usually $16-$25 […]


Logitech Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

So Logitech has a new bad boy mouse open for orders called the Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse. This mouse is a slightly different version of the Logitech G Pro Mouse that I absolutely love. The Logitech G Pro Wireless […]


Panda Express Joins the Battle for Azeroth

Most people know me as Benny but today I will again speak as Unihorn, the former guild leader and founder of Panda Express of Destromath. For the FOURTH time, I am committing myself back to World of Warcraft to help […]


Aggretsuko: Den of Rage

I recently visited the pop up for Aggretsuko: Den of Rage in San Francisco. For those who don’t know… Aggretsuko is one of the newest Sanrio characters that was introduced not too long ago. She is a hard working red […]


Nisekoi: My New Favorite Romcom

I just recently completed the two seasons of Nisekoi on Crunchyroll and it was GREAT leaving me wanting more! I first stumbled upon Nisekoi from a friend’s Facebook feed showing the trailer for a live action adaptation of the anime/manga. […]